In order to thrive and succeed in the skin care industry with your own brand,  you need advanced, professional formulations and packaging. Maylea Cosmetics will bring your ideas to life.

What we do

Looking to brand your own skin care range? Perhaps you are a fashion brand a dermatologist, or an online marketeer? Whatever your skin care business, we are your one-stop supplier, providing high quality skin care and cosmetics and your own private label products.
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All our formulations are created right here in Italy,  in our cutting-edge laboratory, and our in-house quality analysis department conducts all the necessary testing to ensure stability and safety in each of our products. We also have the ability to supervise any additional clinical testing using third-party labs.

Beyond our ability to provide you with white label skin care products and cosmetics, we also offer a simple and efficient way to get your products onto your shelves.


We offer artwork and design services so you get exactly what you want. This, together with our wide range of competitively priced cosmetic packaging and containers makes doing business with Maylea the best choice for you and your business. We are more than just a private label manufacturer with off-the-shelf formulas. We specialize in sourcing unique and powerful raw materials to make your products distinct and effective.

We can answer all your questions, including: What size should my product be; How many skus should I start with; What pH should my formula be at; What fragrance should I use; What's the best packaging for my product; What preservative system is best; Do I need an outer box; Should I print or label; How can I make my formula better; How can I reduce my costs
Laura Ivaldi Ph. D.
CEO at Maylea®
Our experienced New Product Development team helps create some of the most effective, unique and best-selling skin care and beauty products in the world. 
At Maylea® Cosmetics we offer a full-service production and shipping facility, so you can concentrate on what you do best. Our professionals manage every aspect of production, from sourcing the raw materials and managing inventory to packing and shipping the finished goods.

Being a skin care product contract or private label manufacturer presents some unique challenges. You need expert full time in house experienced chemists, onsite quality assurance, a fully stocked laboratory, and access to cutting-edge skincare ingredients. You need a thorough understanding of the market, the competition, and how your products will be regulated by the authorities. 

“Private Label” means you choose one of our existing formulas, stock container and we put your brand on the label. Choose an existing formulation or customize your own, pick out the packaging that works best, submit your artwork. Its that easy… Get started on your next big success now!  

Creating effective beauty products is important, but it’s just the beginning. Without the right look, even the most effective product in the world will collect dust on the shelf. We can source or help custom design any consumer-friendly component you want: tubes, bottles, jars, pumps, boxes, and more. You’re free to design your own artwork, or let our graphic design department create a look for you that will truly stand out. It’s all up to you.

Our guiding vision is the development of products that provide real results and quality of life to our customers. Through the professional development and enrichment of human resources, by providing know-how and practical experience to cosmeticians.