Here's everything you need to know before you start:

Yes, here at Maylea we can help you create your next success! We are a Private Label skincare cosmetics manufacturer located in Italy. Beyond our ability to provide you with white label skin care products and cosmetics, we also offer a simple and efficient way to get your products onto your shelves. We offer artwork and design services so you get exactly what you want. This, together with our wide range of competitively priced cosmetic packaging and containers makes doing business with Maylea the best choice for you and your business. We are more than just a private label manufacturer with off-the-shelf formulas. We specialize in sourcing unique and powerful natural and biotech materials to make your products distinct and effective.

Our experienced Product Development team helps create some of the most effective, unique and best-selling skin care, household, and beauty products in the world. We have a deep bench of expert formulations in these markets: Private label cosmetic manufacturing, Beauty products, Anti-Aging, Skin Care Cosmeceuticals, Cleansers, Serums, Exfoliators, Masks, body care and more. We can offer both off-the-shelf formulas or custom development, depending on your needs or your dreams.  You can rely on us to guide you through each step of the product development process. Our expert team has worked on thousands of products and will generously share their experiences with you so that you can create the best product possible. We can answer all your questions, including: What size should my product be; how many skus should you start with; what pH should your formula be at; what fragrance should you use; what’s the best packaging for your product; what preservative system is best; how can I reduce the costs etc.

Product Offering

In order to thrive and succeed in the skin care industry, you need advanced, professional formulations and packaging. Maylea offers high quality products so you can stand apart from the crowd. Our specialty is in custom and problem solving formulation development. We also can help improve or custom manufacture your hair care, personal care, cosmetic, OTC, Pet and household products. We use automatic and semi-automatic equipment that is designed for optimal flexibility for a wide varies of shapes, sizes, closures, and containers. Our blending tanks  can produce any viscosity you want: liquids/serums, lotions, creams, mists, scrubs, anhydrous gels – all in large and small runs. Our offers include: Skin Care; Body Care; Cleansers; Exfoliation; Eye Care; Facial Mask; Moisturizers; PoreTTreatment; Sunscreens; Toners; Whitening; Commodity Products; Cosmeceutical Products; Packaging; Acrylic Containers; Airless Containers; Dispensers; Flexible Tubes; Glass Containers; Plastic (PET/PE) Containers etc. 

Contract Packaging & Artwork

Packaging is vital. Creating effective beauty products is important, but it’s just the beginning. Without the right look, even the most effective product in the world will collect dust on the shelf. We can source or help custom design any consumer-friendly component you want: tubes, bottles, jars, pumps, boxes, and more. You’re free to design your own artwork, or let our graphic design department create a look for you that will truly stand out. It’s all up to you. We also feature in-house auto-labeling services for efficiently and accurately applying labels. Our cutting-edge graphics equipment can make and print labels on paper or white and/or transparent polyester, which enables us to make highly professional, customised product lines, without the usual “new product line” problems related, for instance, to the creation of printing masters. This service is specifically intended for niche sectors of the market, such as store chains or single stores that want to propose a product, or companies that wish to test or propose a product, or again companies that wish to test a product or product line on sample points of sale before entering the market with a full industrial production.


Being a skin care product contract or private label manufacturer presents some unique challenges. You need expert full time in house experienced chemists, onsite quality assurance, a fully stocked laboratory, and access to cutting-edge skincare ingredients. You need a thorough understanding of the market, the competition, and how your products will be regulated by the authorities.Maylea is headquartered in Milano, 4.500 square meter facility  on Milano’s  near north side. Our facility is registered for the production of OTC drugs and cosmetics in compliance with European Community rules and regulations. All our formulations are created right here in our cutting-edge laboratory, and our in-house quality analysis/control department conducts all the necessary testing to ensure stability and safety in each of our products. We also have the ability to supervise any additional clinical testing using third-party labs.

Operating out of our management-owned facility, our staff, manages every aspect of testing, sourcing, producing and shipping your finished products. Some highlights of our services and capacity include:– In house Laboratory with full-time, experienced chemists. Cosmetic products and class I, IIA, IIB medical aids in all chemical-physical forms: emulsions of different consistency (solid to fluid), gels, toothpastes, shampoos, bath foams and other surface-active detergents, solutions, oleolites, pastes. Our production plants allow to meet a wide range of operational and quantitative needs: from semi-scale and pilot production to several tonnes production.

  • Multi-sourcing capabilities of all components and ingredients
  • Filling lines with ranges of 0.50 oz to 1 gallon capacity
  • Assembly Process
  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic tube-filling machines
  • Outside warehouse for component storage for superb flexibility
  • Manage kit assembly (boxes, inserts, pamphlets, pack out, etc.)
  • Outer shrink and tamper-evident sealing
  • Ship to warehouses, distribution centers and stores worldwide

Quality Control

The quality control verifies and ensures the chemical composition of the extract and guarantees the standardization of production batches. We use chromatographic and spectrophotometric analysis methods to guarantee our customers the presence of bioactive molecules of interest and key chemical tracers. The high efficiency of our active ingredients is linked to the presence of these molecules and this strict quality control is a guarantee of the high quality of our products. We review all marketing claims and test all new products for stability and consistency. Rest assured knowing that your product was developed and manufactured the right way, every time. It’s paying attention to the details like this that make Concept Labs a successful private label skin care manufacturer. Upon customer’s request, all products developed by our laboratory can be provided with toxicological certification: human tolerability tests (primary skin irritation, skin tolerability assessed under controlled use), and clinical testing certification providing evidence of the effectiveness of cosmetic properties stated on the product label (anti-cellulite activity, moisturisation, wrinkle prevention and reduction, etc.), such testing being performed by qualified and certified private or university-based Dermatology and Skin Physiology Institutes. The research and development laboratory autonomously and independently carries out the evaluation of exposure to ingredients, the “potential toxicity evaluation of the cosmetic product” with the aim to fully conform with the latest EEC regulations stated by Directive 76/768 (Law Decree 126 of 24/04/1997), better known in the cosmetic sector as VI EEC Directive or “Cosmetic dossier in the EU”.